this database, called HEADTEAM (HT), is a library for accessing's low level interface commands; except in a higher level programming language sort of way. it's coded in JS so it goes well with HTML and node.js.

÷÷ AA
×× DM

these commands, including P2P & FL, provide the necessary conditions for running fast, efficient, and 100% capable applications. which could be used for games, chat rooms, messaging apps, breaking news, or anything that needs soft real-time communication. checkout our game // ... which --> uses METAHEAP!

backend database commands (BACK):

// --or--
const is = "infrastructure"

the infrastructure around BACK can support vehicles of any amount at any scale going any speed! it performs well with traffic, geospacial, routing, and field service. it doesn't leave out the solo driver or small sized teams either. it does all this exceptionally well.

point-to-point (P2P):

// hello ... world =)

with BACK as a foundation, P2P as an infrastructure, and FL as a protocol a system of layering is now possible; for this next layer a simple row & column (grid) for both public (highway) and private (driveway) users fits naturally.

frontend loop (FL):